レストランシェフ Restaurant Chef

山崎 充輝 Yamazaki Mitsuteru


Beneath his calm exterior, Mr.Yamazaki is a passionate individual who pursues all his goals to the end. Because of him, several young staff members have been able to learn enough to open their own restaurants.

パン工房シェフ Boulangerie Chef

小川 久雄 Ogawa Hisao


HISAO OGAWA was born in Kobe. He worked as a baker at hotels in Osaka, Kyoto, Awaji in Kansai. Now, he's come to Biei for new experiences. Here, he's helped to install a French-made stone oven. He looks forward to baking bread in a wood-fired oven, which he's never done before.

美瑛料理塾講師 Ecole Hoteliere Etude Lecturer

齋藤 壽 Saito Hisashi


HISASHI SAITO shows great eagerness in building this culinary school in Biei, one where students can properly learn cooking theory and skills through an approach that's unprecedented in Japan. He's confident he can put his 40 years as a food journalist to good use by starting to write for professional cooking magazines.