We're looking forward to bringing
a breath of fresh air to
a disused school building.

Hokuei Komugi no Oka is a hill
perfumed with earthy scents.
The slushy spring.
The smell of plowed soil.
A summer field.
The strong smell of grass.
The autumn harvest season.
Winds from a field of golden
wheat spikes.

From warm rooms in winter,
you'll see the snowy Tokachi Range.
Countless stars twinkle
in the dark night sky.

In special spaces,
we offer dishes that can be found
nowhere else,
made from foods cultivated
in Biei and elsewhere in Hokkaido.

Our policies are in perfect harmony
with this location.

A restaurant, a hotel, a bakery,
a culinary school

We aim to provide services t
hat can't be found anywhere but here.
We aim to offer everything
at a level that can be achieved
only here.